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Volunteer Opportunities

Grad Nite Volunteers

Over 150 parent volunteers make Grad Nite special!

Grad Nite is an event planned together by the committees of 5 local high schools - Concord, Northgate, YV and CP and Las Lomas.  Each school has its own event during grad week, following its graduation.  Our night at the Centre is chaperoned by the parents and volunteers from CP.

Much time and planning goes into this event and many volunteers are needed to help to plan and/or to work the night of the event.  

Please consider joining us! 

Grad Nite 2017 committee

  • Chair                              Jen Tipton
  • Prizes                             Kathy Collins/Gail Egbert
  • Treasurer                       Open
  • Tickets                           Trudy Skinner
  • Decorations                    Open
  • Entertainment               Lori McDonald
  • Check in                         Linda Zeigler/Linda Toy
  • Fundraising                    Dian Bechter
  • Memory Lane                 Ellen Javete
  • Momentos                     Rhonda Hess
  • Food                              Leandra Solomon
  • Photography                  Open
  • Volunteer Coordinator    Kalene Gomez/Kim Ban
  • Security                         Donna Alexander
  • Communications            Susan Nelson
  • Web Master                    Open


Check in at the PTSA website to find out about all volunteer opportunities!