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Music Boosters

CPIMB (Boosters)

The College Park Instrumental Music Boosters (CPIMB) are parents showing support for all facets of the Instrumental Music Program. Through active fundraising and donations, parents provide a variety of resources for the program, the main areas being

1. Music purchase
2. Instrument purchase
3. Instrument repairs
4. Festival fees and travel
5. Clinician and teaching assistant stipends

Through participation, the Boosters provide practical assistance to students by helping to plan trips, chaperone events, maintain the facilities, and more.

The Boosters are led by the Board of Directors, which include the elected offices of President, Vice President I, Vice President II, Treasurer, and Secretary. Others assume responsibility for particular events or resources. The Director of Instrumental Music communicates regularly with the CPIMB and the Board of Directors and makes known the financial and practical needs of the program. The Director may also solicit input from the Boosters in making decisions that affect the students' educational growth.

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