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Special Education

Special Education

Special Education Department Chair:  John Rusk

Welcome to the College Park High School Special Education department!  Here we will provide information about the Special Education teachers, classes, programs, and organizations.  The Special Education department strives to engage all students in active and participatory learning with the hopes of creating life-long learners.

Services Offered


These services are provided by specialists and include specific services not normally given in a regular classroom and are supportive of the student’s total educational program.  They include, but are not limited to, Designated Instruction and Services, student services in speech and language, and Adaptive Physical Education.


The program provides, directly or indirectly, instructional and other services for students whose needs have been identified by the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) team as being exceptional. Students are assigned to regular classroom teachers for the majority of the school day, services are determined by students’ IEP. Please refer to your case manager for course selection.


These classes provide services to a student who has more intensive needs than can be met by regular school programs and the Resource Specialist Programs.  Students are enrolled for a majority of the school day and grouped according to similar instructional needs.  These classes include mild to moderate handicapped and severely handicapped students. Available to Special Education students are regular academic and elective classes and programs provided by Adult Education and the Regional Occupational Program (ROP). Please refer to your case manager for course selection.

CP Teachers Page

Visit the College Park Teachers page.  There you will find teacher profiles and websites, when available.

Special Education Department

Julie Strong  - Teacher

Yvette Buitrago - Teacher

Elizabeth Connaughton - Teacher

Megan Eckert - Teacher

John Rusk - Teacher and Department Chair, Special Education

Kurt Throne - Teacher

Chelsea Todoroff - Teacher

Cristina Valle - Teacher

Theresa Vetter - Teacher

Special Education Assistants (SEA's)

Maria Cuenco

Morena Grimaldi

John Holcolmb

Loretta Hurlbut

Martina Tait

Carol McNeal, Carol 

Lisa Okawa

Nicci Shipstead

Jeannie Stuscavage

Stacey Vuong

May Zaha