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APUSH 2022/23

Textbook Website:


Having trouble accessing the digital copy?  The books are available in the school library.  Still having trouble?  Check the class locker for PDFs. 


Course Overview:

Course Description:


*******First Assignment- Textbook Readings Chapter 1,Voices of Freedom Reading Chapter 1(pgs 1-18) take notes- this will be discussed the first week of class, Vocab Chapter 1 (handwritten), Period 1 Concept Outline*********



AP United States History 2022/23

Ms. Haider



This course is designed to provide a college level experience and preparation for the AP exam in May. Emphasis is placed on interpreting documents, mastering a significant body of factual information, and writing essays.  The course will emphasize a series of key themes and 9 periods throughout history.  AP requires students to be an active participant in the learning experience.  This includes fully participating in class and actively reading at home.  Students will be expected to utilize the class page on the college park website for additional resources.


Course Objectives

Students will: Master a broad body of historical knowledge, demonstrate an understanding of historical chronology, use historical data to support an argument position, Differentiate between historiographical schools of thought, interpret and apply data from original documents, including cartoons, graphs, letters, etc., effectively uses analytical skills of evaluation, cause and effect, compare and contrast, work effectively with others to produce products and solve problems, prepare for the AP U.S. History Exam



Give Me Liberty

Voices of Freedom- Volume I and II

AMSCO - class set 



Standard grading percentages- no rounding

A: 90-100%

B: 80-89.99%

C: 70-79.99%

D: 60-69.99%

F: 0-59.99% 


Class Organization

Important Document


Concept Outlines/Vocab by Period 

Writing: SAQ, LEQ, DBQ


Comprehensive Class Exam

At the end of the first semester, all students will take a semester final exam covering periods 1-5. In April, all students will be required to take a comprehensive exam covering periods 1-9. 



On the last day of each period


Late Work- will receive half credit and will only be accepted one day late. Late work must be clearly labeled as late - with the date.


No Names-will lose 5 points.


Absences-must be excused in order to make up work for full credit. If you miss a class activity that cannot be duplicated you must ask for an alternate assignment upon return to class.  Do not wait to ask for assignments.  If you are absent on the day a project is due, you will be required to email and communicate with your group. 



Be prepared to start class when the bell rings

Bring your apush work to class every day

Textbooks will often be helpful.  I will schedule days that will require textbooks.

Readers are required on block days

No cellphones or work for other classes

Be respectful – even while debating

Silent and seated gets you out the door at the end of the period


Participation Points: Negative participation will lose 2 participation points.  Positive participation can earn 1 point. Extra credit is available for participating in class activities. 


CHEATING and COPYING:  Any type of cheating on tests/quizzes, or copying and plagiarism on assignments or papers, is totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated.  A zero will be assigned for any of these offenses and it will be noted in the gradebook as plagiarism.  Continued plagiarism will require a parent teacher conference and will lead to referrals to the office.  I know how easy it is to cheat with the internet or with other students but this will not help you pass the AP test. 


Google Classroom- should be added automatically and will be used constantly.

AP Classroom via College Board will be used throughout the school year- you must join your classroom.

APUSH 2022-2023 Schedule

TEST May 5thth 8am


Vocab (handwritten) and Concept Outlines are due at the end of each historical period 

Period 1-9 Tests are on the last day of the period listed below. 



(Tentative Schedule)

Period 1 (1491-1607) 8/11-8/19

Textbook Reading CH 1 (1.5 weeks)

Period 2 (1607-1754) 8/22 -9/9

Textbook Reading CHs 2-4 (3 weeks)

Period 3 (1754-1800) 9/12-10/7 (last day of 1st quarter)

Textbook Reading CHs 5-8 (4 weeks)

MIDTERM EXAM 10/14 Period 1-3

Period 4 (1800-1848) 10/17-11/4

Textbook Reading CHs 9-12 (3 weeks)

11/21-11/25 Thanksgiving Break

Period 5 (1848-1877)  11/7-12/2

Textbook Reading CHs 13-15 (3 weeks)

Final Exam Periods 1-5 (Finals: 12/19-21)

12/22-1/6 Winter Recess

Period 6 (1865-1898) 1/9 -1/27

Textbook Reading CHs 16-17(3 weeks)

Period 7 (1898-1945) 1/30-3/10

Textbook Reading CHs 18-22 (6 weeks)

Period 8 (1945-1980)  3/14-3/29&30

Textbook Reading CHs 23-26 (3 weeks)

3/31-4/7 Spring Recess

Period 9 (1980- Present) 4/10-4/21

Textbook Reading CHs 26-28 (2 weeks)

Period 1-9 Review 4/24-4/26&27(figure out % correct for each period after test)

Continue review based on Final Exam Results 

5/4 Optional Review Night in J Hall from 3pm-9pm (parent volunteers and food donations are welcome- please email me to sign up)

Test 5/5 (Friday) 8am start time – up to College Board

Family History Project 5/8-5/19 (alternate project available)

Country Project 5/22- Finals (5/31-6/2)


Any donations of colored pencils, markers, pens, pencils, rulers, binder paper, tissues, hand sanitizer, or anything you might want to give would be very welcome!  All extra school supplies will be used in class or given to students who need them. 


Please check out my donors choose page!

APUSH Video Resources

Gilder Lehrman APUSH Review:


Heimler's History: 


Adam Norris:


Crash Course U.S. History: