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Alejandro Armenta

!! BIENVENIDOS !! Welcome to the Spanish class!

     I am a Native Spanish Language Speaker from Mexico City. I have a teaching credential from Saint Mary's College, in Moraga California. I have been teaching spanish since 11 years ago.


In my free time I like to read, listen to music and take dance lessons.


     I would like to have professional working adults as speakers to visit my classes to share with my students how languages have been useful to them in their lives and their careers.


Make ups for homework and classwork are due within the same number of days excused absent plus one more day.


Tes​ts must be completed as soon as possible and no more than 3 weeks of the test date.


OFFICE HOURS / MAKE UP DEADLINES: I am available to students any day during the week during lunch of after school.


My office hours are for make ups, preparing for upcoming tests, reviewing essays and projects and to improve writing skills.



Best Regards

Mr. A. Armenta

Spanish Teacher









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