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MDUSD Email Protocol

When contacting employees of MDUSD via email, all addresses are formatted using the same protocol:


Parents/teachers: If you are aware of any websites that are not listed, please contact the school webmaster  or the teacher and the website will be added. Thank you!

Teachers Locker
6/20/19 10:37 AM
8/14/19 11:30 AM

College Park Teachers

Faculty List including Email and Website

Below is a listing of our distinguished faculty. While our backgrounds and interests are varied, our commitment to our students is shared. 

Teacher Profile Email Address Website
Adams-Strong, Julie Julie Adams-Strong's site
Aiello, Melisse Melisse Aillo's site
Aiello, Tim Tim Aillo's site
Altschull, John John Altschull's site
Armenta, Alejandro Alejandro Armenta's site
Atterbury, Taylor  
Baie, Jim Jim Baie's site
Barrios, Marcella Marcella Barrios' site
Barron, Alex (Neal)  
Bautista, Joe Joe Bautista's site
Beltran, Myriam Myriam Beltran's site
Benerofe, Doug Doug Benerofe's site
Beriginn, Valon  
Berson, Eric  
Billeter, JT  
Bland, Dylan  
Bodrog, Peter Peter Bodrog's site
Bunten, Jan Jan Bunten's site
Connaughton, Liz  
Coito, Joshua Joshua Coito's site
Dahl, Joan  
Dawson, Teresa  
Disney, Jeanne Jeanne Disney's site
Douex, Al Al Douex's site
Eckert, Megan  
Ellenwood, Chris  
Frediani, Jason  
Furtado, Mark Mark Furtado's site
Gale, Ty Ty Gale's site 
Gardner, John (Tony) Tony  Gardner's site
Gill, Harsimran  
Haider, Laima Laima Haider's site
Hallquist, John John Hallquist's site
Hatch, Suzanne  
Huntley, Adam  
Hurtado, Lance Lance Hurtado's site
Jimenez, Jorge Jorge Jimenez's site
Joe, Russell Joe Russell's site
Johnson, Lance  
Jones, Sandy Sandy Jones' site
Keck, Jim Jim Keck's site
Kennedy, Jen Jen Kennedy's site
Kriger, Valerie  
Kropf, John John Kropf's site
Kurtzman, Gary  
Landowski, Kristin  
LeHardy, Alex Alex LeHardy's site
Lyons, Amy  
Maganito, Jill  
McCraney, Marianne  
Niedzielski, Angel  
Nolan, Andrew Andrew Nolan's site

Otus, Zehra

Zehra Otus' German I

Zehra Otus' German II 

Zehra Otus' German III

Zehra Otus' German IV-V

Zehra Otus' Exchange Program

Paredero, Kellie  
Phan, Khoa  
Porter Michael  
Reese, Van  
Ridings, Melissa Melissa Ridings' site
Robles, Alma  
Rockwell, Bruce Bruce Rockwell's site
Rusk, John  
Sesar, Zach  
Scott, Doug   
Strange, Kathleen Kathleen Strange's site
Swett, Joel

Joel Swett's site

Tellez, Samantha  
Thomas, Marcus  
Todoroff, Chelsea  
Tuason, Ria  
Vasgerdsian, Frank  
Vetter, Theresa  
Virk, Raj Raj Virk's site
Weaver, Lauren       Lauren Weaver's site
White, Evan  
Williams, Valerie  
Winterich, Anne Anne Winterich's site
Wood, Scott Scott Wood's site
Young, Lynn