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24/25 Course Cards

Course Card Scheduling for 2024/2025

All students will recieve a grade level specific presentation from the counselors to teach students how to enter their course requests, review the graduation and A-G requirements, and avaiable classes for the 2024/2025 school year.  After each grade level presentation, students will have time on their own to:

  • Enter their online course requests into Aeries 
  • Review their course requests with their counselor and parents/guardians
  • Complete any applications or contracts as needed


Course requests must be entered into aeries by the following dates:

11th grade:  January 26

10th grade:  January 26

9th grade:  January 31

8th grade:  February 16  (8th Grade Course Card - Google Form)

Once students have entered all of their course requests into aeries, every student will meet with a counselor individually on pre-selected dates to ensure that their classes have been entered correctly.

Scheduling Advice

Here are some key points to keep in mind when you are choosing classes for your schedule:

  • When choosing which classes to take, make sure you are confident that you will be successful in the course/s while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  This means that students will be able to earn passing grades and have time left to balance  extracurricular activities, jobs, sports, etc.
  • Make sure that you take time to thoughtfully select which classes you request as schedule changes only occur within the first few weeks of school.  Schedule changes are not always possible and may disrupt your other classes and/or may be full or not available.
  • Review the course catalog and read through the course descriptions and pre-requisites to consider the level of difficulty.
  • Seek input from teachers who have taught the course and have valuable knowledge on the rigor of each particular course you are requesting.
  • If you are considering an AP and/or Honors course, make sure that you are prepared and ready to take a course that requires more time, effort and higher expectations.