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AP/Honors Summer Homework

AP/Honors Summer Homework for 24/25

Some AP/Honors classes require summer homework assignments that need to be completed before the start of the 2024/2025 school year. 

If you have any questions about the summer homework, please reach out to the current AP/Honors teacher of that class.


If you have any questions about any AP/Honors courses, please review the information slides and overview below for more details about the classes that are offered.


Class Websites & Flyers

AP Chemistry - Website & Syllabus

AP English Language Syllabus

  • Google classroom code for Mr. Coito: 6cvdiwm
  • Google classroom code for Mr. Benerofe:  rgkz73m

AP English Literature 

  • Google classroom code: ywo43bh

Creative Writing - Syllabus

English III and IV - Syllabus - Ms. Lyons' classes only

Intro to Film - Syllabus

Psychology & AP Psychology - Flyer

AP/Honors classes available for the 2024-2025 school year

  • AP English Language (11th grade)
  • AP English Literature (12th grade)
  • AP Calculus AB 
  • AP Calculus BC 
  • AP Pre-Calculus
  • AP Statistics
  • AP Biology 
  • AP Chemistry
  • AP Environmental Science 
  • AP Physics
  • Human Body Systems (Honors)
  • Medical Intervention (Honors) 
  • AP World History 
  • AP US History 
  • AP Art 2D: Photo 
  • AP Art 2D: Studio
  • AP Music Theory 
  • AP Psychology
  • AP Computer Science A 
  • AP Computer Science Principles 
  • French IV (AP) 
  • French V (Honors) 
  • Spanish IV (AP) 
  • Spanish V (Honors) 
  • German IV (AP) 
  • German V (Honors)