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College Applications

Here are the different resources you will need for college applications. Click on the links to receive more detailed information.


1. Fill out an application and submit it by the deadline. 

2. Send your official SAT/ACT scores from your official SAT/ACT account.

3. Check if you need additional application materials such as your transcript, letters of recommendation, and school reports. Here is how to requests transcripts on Naviance

Additional Steps to Apply to College

1. On Naviance add your colleges to your "colleges I'm applying to list".

  *** Please indicate the right APPLICATION TYPE ***

2. Match your Common App with Naviance if you used Common App. 

2. Letters of Recommendation- Ask a teacher or counselor in person, if they say yes then fill out a brag sheet. Then request it on Naviance

3. Fill out FAFSA or Dream Act, these are the two main forms to obtain financial aid from US universities. You do not find out how much financial aid you receive until you apply to a college, are admitted, and receive a financial aid package (FAFSA DOES NOT GIVE YOU MONEY). Some private colleges require CSS profile.

4. Check your email constantly or set up an online portal if they instruct you to. 

5. Fee waivers- Students who qualify for for free-reduced lunch receive college application fee waivers. 

College Application