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Credit Remediation & Summer School

On Campus Remediation

APEX program - a computer-based course remediation program designed for students to make up previous courses.  Courses may be retaken in order to meet graduation requirements if a student has earned an "F" or to make up any "D's" to meet college entrances requirements.

  • Enrolled students must attend their 0 period APEX class every school day (except Tuesdays during 0 period) and attendance is mandatory.   There is a 6th period Apex class but this is for seniors only.

  • APEX classes are self-paced and students will not be required to stay in the APEX class once all classes are completed.

  • Students who do not finish by the semester deadline may be dropped from the course.

  • Priority enrollment is offered to seniors

  • APEX is NOT NCAA approved - if you are planning to apply to college as an athlete, please meet with your counselor for other options that are NCAA approved.

Classes offered with A-G approval:
  • English I, English II, English III, English IV

  • World History, U.S. History, US Government,  Economics

  • Algebra 1A, Algebra 1B, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra 2, Financial Algebra, Precalculus 

  • Living Earth, Chemistry, Physical Science, Environmental Science

  • Sociology (one semester), Health (one semester), Psychology (one semester)

  • Spanish 1, Spanish 2, Spanish 3, French 1, French 2 

  • PE (only during summer school)


Summer School

Summer School is offered at College Park every year using the APEX credit recovery program.
  • Students are able to enroll in up to 10 credits (2 semester classes) for credit remediation/grade improvement 

  • Students are only eligible if they received a D or F in a class

  • Students are required to attend in person every day

  • As soon as the course is complete in APEX and no other classes are needed, students will be dropped and are not required to attend the remainder of summer school.

Please reach out to your School Counselor with questions