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School Counselors


The College Park counselors provide a comprehensive program to students to support their academic advancement, post-secondary planning, and personal/social development.  We are committed to advocating for students and collaborating with parents, staff, and community stakeholders to ensure that all students are successful.

Reasons to meet with your counselor:
  • Academic Planning/4-Year Plans
  • Graduation Requirements
  • Course Registration and Scheduling
  • A-G Requirements
  • Social/Emotional Support
  • Credit Recovery Options/Apex 
  • College Applications 
  • Career Readiness and Exploration
  • Summer School Enrollment
  • Alternative Education Options

How Do You Meet With Your Counselor?

Students:   You can drop in at brunch or lunch.  Otherwise, please visit the main office and fill out an appointment request form or you can email your counselor to request a meeting.

Parents: Please call/e-mail your student’s counselor to schedule an appointment.  We do not take drop in meetings.  If you have concerns about your student’s performance in a specific class, please contact your student’s teacher first.

Counseling Office Hours:

Monday - Friday:  8:15 am - 3:30 pm

Counseling Support, School Psychologist and College/Career Contacts

Charisse Segee - Social Worker and Wellness Center Coordinator

David Walters - College and Career Advisor

Marissa Huitt - School Psychologist

School Counselors

Morgan Gillette

Student last names: A-D


Phone: 925-682-7670 x3259

Mitzi Chacon

Student last names: E-Le


Phone: 925-682-7670 x3203

Jenny Smith

Student last names: Li-Re


Phone: 925-682-7670 x3208

Lisa Johnson

Student last names: Ri-Z


Phone: 925-682-7670 x3221