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Letter Jackets

Athletic Letter Jacket Information

Each varsity coach is responsible for establishing the criteria that determines what a student has to do to receive a letter award or a participant award. Generally, a letter winner is someone who has completed a high level individually or helped to make a team successful. A participant award winner is generally given to a student who has achieved at a lesser level or was a practice player only. The determination is strictly up to the varsity coach.

Letter information:

First sport no matter what level receives Numerals.

First varsity sport (letter winner) receives Block CP.

All other letter winners and participant winners will receive certificates.

All varsity players will receive an emblem representing that sport.

All students who are letter winners on five or more varsity teams will receive a Gold CP

How to order Athletic Letter Jackets

Booster letterman jackets are 100% custom made to order. Students select the color of their wool either purple or black etc. and color of their leather sleeves whether they want traditional white or maybe dark grey or black.  Both the body length and sleeves can be lengthened or shortened.  During the fitting appointment they also choose their fonts and decide all the embroidery they want on their jacket.  Depending on what they embroider on their jacket, the out the door cost including tax and shipping will come to anywhere between $250-$330.00 total.

Once you have earned your CP block letters from lettering in a Varsity sport, you can contact or call 925-274-1774.  You will make an appointment for a fitting and bring all your patches to be sewn on at that time.  You will need a deposit of $150.00.

Jackets can be ordered individually, but if you do so they run about $100.00 more.  Mara normally waits for at least 4 families so that there are not additional surcharges, and so other charges like shipping can be split between the families.  Jacket production time takes approximately 5-7 weeks, sometimes faster.