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School Administrators & Counselors

Administrative Support for Students

Every student is assigned to both a Vice Principal and a School Counselor by the first initial of their last name to assist them with their needs as outlined below.


Social Science & Special Education

Ext. 3200

Kevin Honey

Vice Principal

Math & PE

Last names: A - G

Ext. 3204

Katie Sanchez

Vice Principal

Language & Science

Last names: H - O

Ext. 3211

Michael Miller

Vice Principal

VAPA & English

Last names: P - Z 

Ext. 3212

Reggie Richardson

School Counselor

Last names A-D

Room 8, Ext. 3259

Morgan Gillette

School Counselor

Last names E-Le

Room 6, Ext. 3203

Mitzi Chacon

School Counselor

Last names: Li - Re

Room 4, Ext. 3208

Jenny Smith

School Counselor

Last names: Ri - Z

Room 3, Ext. 3221

Lisa Johnson

College & Career Adviser

All grade levels

Room S - 7, Ext. 3227

David Walters

Administrator Roles and Responsibilities

Each administrator has a specific set of responsibilities. Please contact the appropriate administrator if you have a question about a particular area.