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Treasurer's Office

Mrs. Hasmig Gregorian

(925) 682-7670, Ext. 3217

College Park Webstores --- Most items sold must be linked to a student's id #

School Webstore: Yearbook, ASB Membership, PE Clothes, School Donations  (Once you click the link, please select "start again")

ASB Webstore: Student Body Activities, Events, Clubs

Not sure if a yearbook was purchased for a particular student? 

Yearbook purchases are linked directly to students by their ID #s, so if they haven't already done so, the student should create a webstore account, preferably using their school email. Purchased items will show in the student's order history, regardless of what account was used to make the purchase.

For spirit wear, supporting PTSA, supporting Boosters... please visit the  College Park Webstores Page for a list of the webstore links for each of the organizations.


23-24 student parking permits are $25. 

Please purchase your permit through Rydin.  

Then bring your Driver's License, Proof of Insurance, and Student ID Card to pick up the regular tag from the Treasurer's Window during brunch or lunch on school days.

Sophomores can purchase a parking permit,  solely based on availability, as of  November 1.

Using the webstore to make purchases on Behalf of a student?

Certain items, such as Yearbook, ASB Activities (i.e., Dances), Club Membership, etc. are ONLY available to individual students (and are usually set to limits of 1 per student).

It is recommended that students create their own webstore accounts using their school email, by selecting "Yes" to indicate that it is for a student account AND the student's school ID must be provided when creating the account.

Alternatively, if a parent wishes to create their own account, they will need to link the student in their Family Profile (with the student's ID #) before they can make the purchase on the student's behalf.