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Attendance Procedures

Permit to Leave

If you wish to request a Permit to Leave for your student, please call the Attendance Office at least two hours ahead of the desired release time.  This will allow your student to be waiting for you and avoid unnecessary delays. 

Failing to call ahead for a Permit to Leave can delay the release of your student and will increase the level of disruption to the classroom learning environment. 

Be aware if your student is in PE, it could take up to 20 minutes to notify them and allow them to change clothes. The Permit to Leave number is (925) 682-7670, ext. 4444.

Important Announcement Regarding Permit to Leave

Parents, please urge your student to come into the Attendance Office if they are feeling ill and would like permission to go home.  Students should not be using their cell phones to call and make these arrangements.  If the student comes into Attendance and the attendance secretary speaks with a parent, the student will be waiting for them in the front of the school.  It will save time.

If your student leaves school for an appointment or they are ill and they do not obtain a Permit to Leave, they will be considered truant, even if a parent calls after the fact to clear the absence.  College Park is a closed campus and students MUST have a Permit to Leave in order to leave campus.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Attendance Procedures

Attendance Matters

Attendance Secretary

Phone: (925) 682-7670, Ext. 3213


Hours:  7:30 AM - 4:00 PM

Attendance Procedures

All absences should be reported by phone, email or written note. Our phone system is available 24 hours a day. Absences must be reported within 72 hours or students will be considered truant, as described in our Tardy and Truancy Policy.


Email the Attendance Secretary or call (925) 682-7670, ext. 3333 to report the absence.

Please speak slowly and give the following information:

  • Name of student, spelling the last name
  • Person calling and relationship to student
  • Date of absence (specify all day or the period missed)
  • Reason for absence
  • Phone number where you can be reached


Students who need to leave during the school day must have a Permit to Leave, otherwise the absence will be considered truant. A parent cannot clear/excuse the absence after the fact. If you have an emergency and need to pick up your student, come to the attendance office with your photo identification.

Call (925) 682-7670 at any time (open 24 hours) and enter extension 4444 for a PERMIT TO LEAVE.

Please speak slowly and give the following information:

  • Name of student and spelling of the last name
  • Reason (i.e., doctor, dentist, family emergency, etc.)
  • Person calling and relationship to student
  • Date and time student needs to leave
  • How the student will leave school and/or who will pick up the student
  • Your phone number

Please allow two (2) hours' notice when calling for a same day permit. If less than 2 hours, call 682-7670 x3213 to speak to the Attendance Secretary.

If you come into the Attendance Office needing your student right away, please understand that it may take some time, especially if your student is in PE, it is an unusual schedule or we are short staffed with TA’s.  Thank you for your understanding.


Todas las ausencias deben reportarse por telefono, email,  o por escrito. Nuestro sistema telefonico esta disponible las 24 horas del dia. La razon de la ausencia debe reportarse dentro de las siguientes 72 horas del dia de la ausencia o se consideraran injustificadas.


Llame al 682-7670, Ext. 3333

Hable despacio y proporcione la siguiente informacion:

·         Nombre y apellido del estudiante. Favor de deletrear el apellido.

·         Nombre de la persona que llama y parentesco con el estudiante.

·         Fecha de la ausencia y el numero de periodos.

·         Razon de la ausencia.

·         Numero de telefono donde se le pueda localizar.


Los estudiantes que necesitan salir durante hera de clases DEBEN tener un PERMISO PARA SALIR DE LA ESCUELA de lo contrario se les considerara ausentes sin justificacion. Los padres no pueden esclarecer la ausencia despues que el estudiante, vaya salido de la escuela sin permiso. En caso de emergencia y necesita recoger su estudiante, procede a la oficina con su identificacion de foto.

Para solicitar un PERMISO PARA SALIR DE LA ESCUELA pueden llamar las 24 horas del dia.

Llame al 682-7670 Ext. 4444. Deje un mensaje con la siguiente informacion:

·         Nombre y apellido de estudiante.

·         Nombre de la persona que llama y parentesco con el estudiante.

·         Fecha y hora en que el estudiante necesita salir de la escuela.

·         Medio de transporte o quien va a recoger al estudiante

·         Numero de telefono donde se le pueda localizar.

Por favor llame can dos horas de anticipacion si desea solicitar permiso para el misma dia. Si esta lamando a ultima hora marque 682-7670 ext. 3213 para hablar con la secretaria.

Phone Numbers

Direct Line

925-682-7670, Ext. 3213

Clearing Absences

925-682-7670, Ext. 3333

Permit to Leave

925-682-7670, Ext. 4444



Permanent RTI Schedule (Period 7)

We have started our permanent RTI schedule during block days on Wednesdays and Thursdays. For scheduling purposes, this RTI period is labeled Strategic Support and is considered period 7. If you receive a phone call that your child was absent during period 7, this means your child was marked absent for RTI that day. ​If your child believes this was an error, please have them come to the attendance office for an attendance correction slip the following day.