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Final Transcripts for Seniors!
Posted 6/17/19

All final transcripts have been sent for all graduating College Park seniors to the colleges they indicated that they are attending in the fall. Please see important details below before contacting us.


Just because transcripts were sent does NOT MEAN THEY WERE RECEIVED and processed. It is your student's responsibility to follow up with their college and ask how long it takes them to process the transcripts that they receive. Many four year colleges accept electronic official transcripts and often it takes about a week for them to be processed--but UCs take quite a long time to process them (n.b. last year UC Santa Cruz lost all of College Park student transcripts, please be diligent with them). For community colleges, many transcripts were sent out in the mail. All transcripts were mailed out on Friday, June 14th.


There were only six seniors who did not provide the details about where they are attending in the fall. Their parents have been emailed at the email listed in their Aeries account, so parents will know if your senior had not given me this information.


DVC Transcripts- Digital transcripts were sent on Wednesday, June 12th, 2019. Hard copy, official transcripts were hand delivered to DVC on Thursday, June 13th. Please politely insist that they check for your transcripts and provide them with those dates to refresh their memory.


Records- Over the next week, parents will receive an email with the record of when their student's transcript was sent. This will help you communicate with colleges and figure out if it was lost in the shuffle.


If your student has clearly communicated with the college and waited the amount of time that it would have taken to process the transcripts, then please contact the registrar, Ana Aguilar.