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The College Park Library is a great resource for our students to utilize, either in person or online. 

Visit the library media center.

Parent & Student Resources

Campus Safety Hotline: (925) 709-4847

This line is available for students and parents/guardians to leave a confidential, taped message about anything occurring at school that is causing students to feel unsafe, including all forms of bullying. The District is very interested in resolving issues of conflict, especially possession of weapons. Students are encouraged to tell an adult on campus about such activities. If students are fearful of retaliation, the Hotline is available as an alternative to personally reporting a campus safety or related concerns.

Resources for Depression

If you or a loved one is struggling with depression and/or needs someone to talk to regarding mental health services, please contact these resources:

Contra Costa Crisis Center

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

Raising LGBTQ Children

Among the many joys and challenges of parenting teens, few families anticipate the unique experiences of raising lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or questioning children.

Services for LGBTQ youth and families At Rainbow Community Center:

Counseling Services
We offer counseling services for free or at a low cost. We also accept payments from Medi-Cal. Counseling services are available during daytime and evening hours with offices in East and Central county. To request services please call RCC's counseling line at (925) 692-2056.

Youth Services

Operation Q operates every Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoon at the center's Concord offices. The program includes support groups, events, drop-in hours and one-on-one support and mentoring. For more information contact RCC's Youth Director, Alpha Mulugeta, MSW (925) 692-0090.

Visit the RCC website.

Rainbow Community Center
2118 Willow Pass Road, Ste 200, Concord CA 94519 (925) 692-0090

College & Career Counseling

College Park has a well-stocked college and career center located in room S7.  Managed by College and Career Counselor Sheila Welsh, the center contains a wealth of information about college and career opportunities. 

Visit the College & Career Center page for more information.

Resource Parents for Special Needs

Resource parents are specially trained parent volunteers available for information and consultation with families of students with various special needs. 

Visit the Resource Parents page for more information. Launches Spanish Website has launched a new Spanish website. Like the English-language version, the new site provides teachers, parents and community leaders with the resources they need to prevent bullying. We encourage you to explore the new site for research and best practices on cyberbullying, prevention and response.

Visit the Spanish website.