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Student Locker

This line is available for students and parents/guardians to leave a confidential, taped message about anything occurring at school that is causing students to feel unsafe, including all forms of bullying. The District is very interested in resolving issues of conflict, especially possession of weapons. Students are encouraged to tell an adult on campus about such activities. If students are fearful of retaliation, the Hotline is available as an alternative to personally reporting a campus safety or related concerns.

6/11/20 10:59 PM
7/18/19 10:19 PM
8/6/19 6:48 PM
11/21/20 10:13 AM
2/3/12 12:50 PM
2/1/19 6:06 PM
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Attendance Procedures in Distance Learning


Teachers are recording each student's attendance through the codes provided by CA State to represent their highest level of participation for that day:

  • P = Present: Online synchronous instruction, 1:1 office hours
  • 4 = Online Activity: Completed a test, turning in assignments, etc.
  • 3 = Communication w/ Certificated Staff: 2-way communication with student and/or parent online or by email
  • A = Absent (none of the above engagement)

Support Staff Code:

  • 6 = Support Service Access: Speech Therapy, OT, PT, Counseling

Distance Learning Student Expectations/Protocols for Online Meetings

  • Students must log-in using their MUDSD.Net email account
  • Log-on to Zoom/Google Meet five minutes prior to class starting
  • Have First and Last name correctly spelled on your Zoom/Google Meet window
  • Keep cameras on (if possible) and Microphones on Mute unless speaking to teacher or as directed by teacher.
  • Students should be in appropriate school attire during online meetings
  • Use the Chat appropriately (To ask questions, connect to teacher)