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Welcome to AVID

AVID (Advancement via Individual Determination) is a four-year, elective class offered to students who would like to prepare for entrance into a four-year university. The curriculum features writing, inquiry, collaboration, reading, note-taking, study skills and college/career activities. College students are in the classroom as tutors three times a week and field trips are taken to universities. Students must commit to taking notes in classes on a daily basis. Criteria taken into consideration for all applicants include: GPA, interview, citizenship, attendance, state test scores, and recommendations.  

AVID Applications for Middle School Students

AVID Applications for middle school students are due with course cards.  If you have any questions, please email Ms. Dawson, CP AVID Coordinator. 

What is AVID?

  • Targets students who would be the first in their family to graduate from a university.
  • Targets students that are capable of completing a college prep path.
  • Prepares students for college eligibility and success and schedules them into an in-school academic success class
  • Places motivated students in advanced classes and provides support with tutoring.
  • Stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination.

What AVID isn't...

  • A remedial program.
  • An easy "A"
  • for unmotivated students
  • for failing students

Contact Us

Teresa Dawson   Teacher, AVID Coordinator
Jennifer Mahmood   

Vice Principal 

Adam Huntley   Teacher
Valerie Williams   Teacher