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Peer Tutoring

Days: Every Tuesday & Thursday

Time: 3:3-4:30 PM

Place: Library

Peer Tutoring began Tuesday, September 7, 2021. It runs for at least an hour after school in the library every Tuesday and Thursday.

Peer tutoring is a flexible, peer-mediated strategy that involves students serving as academic tutors and tutees.  Typically, a higher performing student is paired with a lower performing student to review critical academic or behavioral concepts.

  • It is a widely-researched practice across ages, grade levels, and subject areas
  • The intervention allows students to receive one-to-one assistance
  • Students have increased opportunities to respond in smaller groups
  • It promotes academic and social development for both the tutor and tutee
  • Student engagement and time on task increases
  • Peer tutoring increases self-confidence and self-efficacy

Another reason peer tutoring often works better than direct instruction alone is the comfort level at which students feel with their peers, as opposed to their teachers. This also helps them to increase their social skills by working closely with other students and develops rapport between peers at school


Math Tutoring

Days: Every Monday

Time: 3:30-4:30pm

Place: H-5

Free math tutoring every Monday after school in Room H5 from .  Just look for the orange sign on the door.


Brainfuse - on demand, anytime, anywhere eLearning for multiple subjects.

DVC Tutoring - online tutoring for Math, English, and Science.  Open the attached flyer and scan the QR code to join!

The College Park Library Website offers an online catalog with the ability to browse and search for many titles and subjects.