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The Claw

Press Release: Feb 2018 - Journalism Class Launches"The Claw"

The new Journalism class at College Park has launched a new website: THE CLAW!

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The Claw is the official online and print newspaper of College Park High School. The website is updated every two weeks. The newspaper will be printed once a quarter throughout the school year. The paper and website are a product of Mr. Castro’s journalism class and his students: Antonio Aird-Shires, Emma Cole, Will Ennis, Alexis Esparza, Zoe Holzer, Jamie Kang, Bailey Keck, Linda Salas, Travis Penniall, Jessica Rosas, Camdyn Simpson, and Naomi Zuniga.

The class and the paper offer a space for students to explore issues and events affecting their school and local community, in addition to national and international events. Students are provided with the opportunity to express themselves and have a voice that may be shared on a digital and print platform. Guest writers are welcome to contact us and inquire about upcoming stories or present ideas. Opinion pieces express the thoughts and ideas of the individual writer, not the paper as a whole.

The Claw

Photo Submissions

Submit photos of CP events to Mr. Castro. Please include your first and last name and grade level if applicable. Also, include first and last names and grade levels of students or CP staff in photos.